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Six Reasons Why Granny Flats Are Becoming Popular

Many reasons exist why granny flats are becoming increasingly popular. First off, many teenagers and young adults are unable to afford the high cost of houses or rent, which makes them stay in their parents’ homes for long before they can move out. In such situations, owning granny flats central coast market has provides the best solution. As they save for their home loan, staying in a granny flat can provide them some level of independence.

Granny Flats Central Coast

Besides, since they are cheaper to construct, granny flats central coastcompanies build provide a better deal for investors who would like to rent them out for income. Under this option, property owners can make substantial extra income as research reveal that the extensions can boost rental yield by close to 10%.

In addition, the weekly rental obtained from granny flat can be used to pay off mortgage. However, before you decide finally about them, it is advisable to analyze the cash flow benefits you can derive from granny flats and the impacts they may have when you put the property for resale.

Experts believe that granny flats central coast companies provide are structures that ‘grow with you’ because you may use them for a number of reasons. Here are just six ways in which you can use a granny flat.

A home office

Obviously, you have to pay more if you rent a commercial space for your office. However, by contacting granny flats builders central coastmarket has, you are likely to have the flat constructed at a cheaper cost and provide you with a cheaper and convenient workspace.

In the end, you could save money on travel expenses and even get a better work and life balance.

Housing elderly parents

If you want your elderly parents to maintain their independence while you care for them, you can find them that private space in well-built central coast granny flats. Constructed by qualified granny flats builders central coast market has today, you can find a comfortable space for your parent to stay while you continue to monitor them.

Temporary stay for young couples

For newly married couples that are still saving for their home, a granny flat can provide a better alternative in a place where they will pay less while maintaining independence. Some parents simply construct a granny hose at the back of their houses to enhance privacy and independent living.

Provision of income

With a granny flat, you can make extra income if you rent it out. Besides, you can make more money if you downsize and relocate to the granny flat to rent the main house. The latter option can work better if you have grown up children who have moved out.

Provision of hobby space

If you need a place where you can exercise your passion without taking space in the main house, then you need granny flats central coast market has for customers. From there you can do knitting, sewing, woodwork or other forms of hobby that need space.

Finally, granny flats come handy when you want to create more bedrooms for your house. Ideal for a bedroom or two, they can provide adequate space for your teenagers or adult kids. Once they move out of your house, you can rent out the space for some extra income.

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