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Roof Leak and Everything in Between: Why does it happen and how to fix it

A leaky roof can do so much damage than you think that it is capable of. Water is sometimes considered by most people as the universal solvent. Given an ample amount of time, water can shape and even powder rocks into dust. As the climate tends to shift because of global warming, sea levels are rising. Because of that, an increased amount of rainfall and an increased chance of rain as well. This is why it is very important to find a roof leak repair in Sydney has before things can go out of hand. However, since prevention is better than cure, here are some of the things that you should do to avoid it and what you should do if it hits you.

Why do roofs leak?

One important thing that you should know before contacting a roof leak repair Sydney has is to understand why roofs leak. A roof is usually composed by either with few thin sheets of steel, a few blocks of concrete or bricks and sometimes wood. These things decay through time when they become contacted with water. Steel sheets for example rust over time due to exposure of oxygen that is both present in air and water. The iron in steel sheets creates a chemical compound that we commonly call as rust.

Bricks and concrete can also take a pounding from rain as stated above. In a given amount of time, rain will eventually destroy them. Wood on the other hand is an organic material. This means that it is composed of cells, proteins and many others. Water can also destroy it over time which usually results to leaking.

Check the most probable leak spots

The rain first comes contact with your roof before it reaches other parts of the house. So, before you go shopping for roof leak repair Sydney has as options, check the roof first. If you happen to live in an older house, then your roof will more likely leak anytime soon. If you don’t have the budget for a roof replacement or a roof job, you can seal holes and crevices using waterproof elastomeric sealants.

Although not really a part of the roof, another common part is the chimney. Well, although some people really don’t need chimneys because electric heaters are all over the market, there are still houses that have chimneys because they have an actual fireplace inside their houses. This is more prevalent among houses that are in the countryside and on farmhouses. Older houses also have chimneys because they also serve as exhaust pipes for their smokers and kitchens.

Have an emergency plan

Rains can pour down anytime. With that being said, it is very important to have a backup plan because you don’t know when misfortune will strike you. Always have a hammer, a box of nails, a sealant and a sturdy ladder. This will help you fight leaks right away. Just remember that these are only temporary and should be replaced after it has weathered the storm. So, it would also be very helpful if you have the roof leak repair Sydney has booked in your phone.