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Points to Maintain Your Ziptrak Blinds on Optimal Condition

Ziptrak blinds are definitely one of the best outdoor blinds you can have for your home or office space. Thus, you want to make the most out of it and make it last longer on your windows. This is why you should maintain it on its best condition at all times.


Ziptrak Blinds


What You Should Remember in Maintaining Your Ziptrak Blinds

Like some other household items that you have, you should take care of your zip track blinds to make it last longer. It can help in ensuring its maximum functionality as well. To help you with such task, here are a few points you should take note:

Operate it Properly

Always operate your Ziptrak window blinds properly, and do not be too reckless with it. It would be best to start operating it at the middle, especially for manual models. With automatic models, make sure to keep your eye on it whilst it’s in motion.

You should also be extra careful whilst operating it on bad weather condition. When a strong wind is present, for example, aid the blinds by gently pushing it with your hands. Moreover, always remember to either fully retract or pull it totally down to avoid damage due to strong winds.

Proper Cleaning Methods

Ziptrak outdoor blinds also require certain methods in cleaning it up. Remember to use soapy water, instead of directly washing it with strong detergents. Use a soft piece of cloth to wipe the blinds, and never directly apply water by any means.

You should also remember to dry the blinds first before retracting it. Closing it up when wet can cause moulds to form, which can affect its mechanism. Moulds could be harder to remove as well. Moreover, make sure to remove any stains on the blinds immediately before it hardens.

Repairs and Replacements

When it is getting hard for you to operate the Ziptrak blinds, you should know that there is already something wrong with it. As a first aid, you can apply food grade silicone spray between the track and the spline tape. You should never use oil-based lubricant for it. That should help a lot in making its mechanism go smoothly again.

However, if you see there are few parts that require replacements or repairs, contact the right experts immediately. You can also connect on the store where you purchased your blinds if it is covered with a good warranty. This can help ensure that your blinds will be fixed accordingly, without adding more harm to it.

Final Words

If you want your Ziptrak blinds to last longer and keep its mechanism on top functionality, you should remember the points above as a guide. However, if you still have questions about certain concerns, connecting with the right experts is the best step to do.

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