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Guide to 5 Types of Window Blinds

Window blinds are one of the most common and useful window treatments for homeowners and office spaces. It serves to block out the rays of the sun from entering the room and also provide a sense of privacy. In some parts of the world, blinds serve to regulate indoor temperature and make an indoor space warm and cozy. However, the options for blinds in Sydney or in the industry, in general, have greatly evolved throughout the years. Nowadays, window blinds are not just purchased for their function but also for their aesthetic benefits.
If you are shopping for blinds in Sydney, it is important to make yourself familiar with the five basic types of blinds to choose from. Each of these types serve a unique purpose that you should know about to help enjoy the functional and aesthetic benefits.
Roman Blinds
This type of window blind is mostly made out of fabric. This makes it possible for the blinds to fold up when you attempt to raise them. One part of the material is mounted with slats so that the blinds are neatly stacked in a horizontal manner. You will have to pull on a chain or cord in order to raise up or release the blinds down, according to your intended use. Hence, it is possible to provide warmth in your indoor space during the winter or colder months. There are different styles of Roman blinds in the market, such as those with a single panel or lying flat.
Venetian Blinds
This is another popular type of window blinds that are coveted by homeowners for their aesthetic value. These blinds are made with horizontal slats minus the fabric. The slats can be made of a variety of materials including aluminum, wood or vinyl. These, too, are stacked neatly when you raise them. The good thing about Venetian blinds is that light is still able to pass through the slats. However, you can manipulate the slats at an angle to allow light to enter the room, depending on how much light you want or need.
Roller Blinds
This type of blind is made of solid fabric that is easy to roll using a chain or spring. The blinds lack the slats that are used in the two blinds above. Hence, the material is neatly wrapped in a cylinder whenever it is raised.
Vertical Blinds
This blind is comparable to the Venetian blinds with the main difference being that the slats are arranged in a vertical manner. It is often used on sliding doors or bigger windows. The main purpose for this type of blinds (usually seen on buildings) is to minimize the glare from the sunlight that enters through the glass door or window.
Panel Blinds
This is also similar to a vertical blind because it is designed for use on large windows or doors. However, it is different from a vertical blind because this is mounted on a track system that moves towards the right or left direction. A fabric or some other lightweight material serve as a panel for the blinds.
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